Auratherapy ®

Your energy


The Auratherapy® or Aura Cleansing is a soft and precise technique that enables you to have:
– your aura aligned and cleansed
– the energy leaks closed
– your chakras balanced and revitalized
– the energy of your meridian lines and physical body balanced

It is recommended to receive a session:
After an emotional shock, a surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, continuous and intensive stress…

Or if you only need to:
– Relax, get a restorative sleep, reinforce your concentration, relieve yourself from pains, digestive heaviness, headaches or being taken care of during your pregnancy…
– Get prepared for an exam


Why the Auratherapy®?

Have you ever had the impression to :

  • ‘feel empty
  • ‘to be losing the north’
  • ‘to feel next to plate’
  • ‘to have the head in the moon’

Those sayings indicate that your aura has moved away and / or is ripped. As a result, the energy does not flow properly.


The Auratherapy® or Aura Cleansing is the result of numerous investigations in the fields of traditional and spiritual astrology, reflexology…and especially in Kabbala. The Auratherapy® technique was created in France in 1990.

Some of the techniques are reimbursed by the complementary insurance in Switzerland recognized by:
The price

Each session is unique and is tailored to your needs. The price depends on the length of the session.
All session not cancelled with at leasta 48 hour-notice will be charged.