Emergency Healing

“Le Secret”

Immediate physical or Long Distance Healing
(hemorrahges, burns, poisonning…)


– Stop hemorrhages, burns, poisoning…
– Detox the body after an anesthesia, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, o only after food poisoning.
– Speed up skin wounds or deep wounds.
– get rid-off warts
– heal sprains, strains, skin affections, epilepsies crisis, teeth pains…


What is emergency healing?
(‘Le Secret’)

This is a technique / gift passed on a same family or from master to student that enables to heal with immediate effect and in case of emergency. The healing can be practiced in person or Long Distance.


A long time before been passed on ‘Le Secret’, Thanks to my powerful energy, I was able to stop hemorrhages o burns right before being passed on ‘Le Secret’ using formulas and symbols. The usage of ‘Le Secret’ has always existed in Switzerland, especially in the catholic states , where the number of people practicing ‘Le Secret’ exceeded the number of doctors until 20 years ago. That technic belongs to popular medicine which is the sum up of empirical knowledge that is sometimes inexplicable from the science point of view. However it is frequently used in some of the hospitals to speed up healing.

Some of the techniques are reimbursed by the complementary insurance in Switzerland certified:
The price

Each session is unique and is tailored to your needs. The Price depends on the length of the session.
All session not cancelled with at least a 48 hour-notice will be charged.