Life Coaching

your real self


Through the coaching sessions, you will learn how to
– set up your goals,
– implement action plans,
– master your little voice that is stopping you from getting out of your comfort zone and
– live the life of your dreams


What is Life coaching ?

Do you know how to clearly set up your goals and implement the action plans in order to reach them?

Do you face difficulties to reach your goals?

Do you feel free in making decisions and put them into practice?

Do you sometimes hear your little voice say ‘it is not the right moment, do not do that, stay in your comfort zone’ ?

Do you want to earn the war between your two ears and have an extraordinary life ?


That technique is based on Blair Singer’s teachings . Blair Singer is a world renowned speaker and the bestselling author of Little Voice Mastery, SalesDogs and Team Code of Honor. He has trained hundreds of thousands of people around the world on the business and personal development skills and techniques necessary to excel as a leader, speaker, facilitator, trainer, and sales person. His training has helped multi-national organizations, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals increase their sales 15-85% in just 6 weeks. Through a mixture of mindset, communication, and sales skills training, Blair has become a leader in helping people accelerate their personal and professional success – exceeding their goals and finding the ability to expand and pursue their greatest goals and aspirations.

The sessions of coaching are individual sessions of approximately 1:30 am. They can be practised to the cabinet, in a company or by Skype.

Some of the techniques are reimbursed by the complementary insurance in Switzerland certified :
The price

Each session is unique and is tailored to your needs. The price depends on the length of the session.
All session not canceled with at least a 48 hour-notice will be charged.