the physical body


Recommended for instance in case of:
– tiredness
– digestive issues
– backache
– Eczema
– Psoriasis
– inflammation…

Heal or speed up considerably healing in case of:
– fracture
– strain
– tendinite
– tendinitis…


Why Magnetism?

Through that technique, illness can be detected with anticipation, by cleaning the etheric body and recharging it with clean and healthy energy.

When we get a better energy level, we activate again our body natural defenses or immune system.


This is a very old science and an art of healing that uses the Prana (in India), also named Chi (in China) or vital energy to heal the whole physical body. Magnetism is a modernized quintessence and scientifically proven to be one of the most powerful antique techniques such as Chinese Chi Gong, Tibetan healing, Prana from India, and Reiki, that have as a common objective to improve physical performance and health.

Some of the techniques are reimbursed by the complementary insurance in Switzerland recognized by:
The price

Each session is unique and is tailored to your needs. The Price depends on the length of the session.
All session not cancelled with at least a 48 hour-notice will be charged.