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of my clients
  • My two-year-old child used to have a chronic cold. After going to a couple of sessions with Estelle, he does no longer get ill. A big thank you to Estelle!

    Alex. M
  • I used to have a cyst on one ovary and as a result I could not get pregnant. Estelle did one healing session during which I felt as she was taking a ball out of my body, a weird sensation. The fact is that the cyst disappeared during the session, Fact that was confirmed two days later when doing a check-up. I felt really well as well physically as emotionally and the good news is that I got pregnant!

    Alex M.
  • Avant d'entrer dans le cabinet d'Estelle, je me sentais toujours fatiguée, avec des douleurs, et un manque d'énergie. Comme par magie, je me suis sentie plus jeune, je ne ressentais plus de douleur après la séance, comme si Estelle avait enlevé un poids dans mon dos. Je me sens mieux et j'ai l'impression de mieux connaitre. Merci Estelle !

    Maeva. F
  • Extraordinary!!! Left the practice completely transformed, relieved from a load, with a strong awareness that enables me to move forward with confidence. A wonderful experience!!! Thank you Estelle !

    Roberta F.
  • 2 sessions of Reconnective Healing cured my shoulder that has been blocked after an accident 4 years ago. Thank you Estelle.

    Catherine C.
  • At the Paleo Festival, on the Mobilière exhibition Stand where Estelle performed seated Massage, I hit my head in the TV corner of the stand. My head was bleeding and I was completely shocked. The diagnostic of the nurse was 2 stitches, . This is when Estelle offered to do energy healing to speed up recovery and to stop the bleeding. While Estelle was doing some healing on me, I could feel the wound getting recovered, I started feeling more peaceful and grounded. The next two days, she worked for a couple of minute long distance and the result was just amazing! In less than one week, The scar started crusting leaving place to an insignificant mark. I did not need to have those stitches. A big thank you to Estelle

    Blaise G.
  • My mum got to the hospital due to an internal hemorrhage. The Doctors started doing checkups without finding the origin of the hemorrhage. My mum kept on bleeding internally besides having fever. One day, Estelle started working long distance on my mum to stop her hemorrhage. The same night, I went to visit my mum, and at my surprise, the hemorrhage and the fever had suddenly stopped. The doctors remained without understanding what happened A big thank you to Estelle.

    Tina B.
  • Estelle Bichet is a gifted healer! Recently after the Making The Stage program finished we were looking to go out with friends for dinner. I had a splitting head ache and was considering going back to my hotel. Luckily, Estelle was there and she said that she will take care of it. She did a few minutes of energy work and I was feeling awesome! The headache was gone completely and I felt clear headed! I was able to enjoy the after party! I highly recommend Estelle Bichet as a healer!

    Neeraj. S